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Large Scanning of Mosquito Control Weapons
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Adding water and vinegar to the mosquito trap box of the mosquito lamp is more effective.II. Mint: It has a special aroma, mosquitoes and insects.Large Scanning of Mosquito Control Weapons

I. Large Scanning of Mosquito Control Weapons

The first category: chemical weapons

Electrical mosquito repeller

The principle of electric mosquito repellent incense is to inhale pyrethrum and other mosquito incense tablets and evaporate after heating to achieve mosquito control effect. If dripping a few drops of wind oil essence is better, it can generally last for 6-8 hours. The liquid electric mosquito-repellent incense is the most convenient to use because it uses the principle of capillary suction tube and releases insecticides by continuous heating. A bottle of mosquito-repellent incense solution can be used continuously for 30 days, eliminating the trouble of replacing electric mosquito-repellent incense tablets every day.

Mosquito-repellent incense

After the mosquito incense is ignited, pyrethroids in the mosquito incense evaporate with the smoke and disperse in the indoor air, paralyzing the nerves of mosquitoes, causing them to fall to the ground or flee in all directions. Mosquito-repellent incense is best used outdoors, such as around the home, at the door or in an airy place. The mosquito repellent effect is best when the mosquito incense is lit before dark in the evening.

Spray insecticide

Its main chemical constituent is an insecticide called pyrethroid. Spraying insecticides on staircases, sinks, sewers, bathrooms, cabinets and tables can effectively kill mosquitoes. Pesticides need not be too much, much is not only wasteful, but also pollutes the environment. The key is to master the time, place and amount of mosquito control.

Mosquito repellent Lotion

Also known as mosquito repellent. The main ingredient of mosquito repellent liquid is mosquito repellent amine. Applying qualified anti-mosquito liquid can prevent 99.9% of mosquito bites within 6-8 hours. The principle is that the drug directly acts on the tactile organs and chemoreceptors of mosquitoes to achieve the purpose of repelling mosquitoes.

repellent floral water

It contains bionic repellent materials, which can make mosquitoes have illusions and lose their desire to bite. The time limit can be up to 5 hours each time. Some mosquito repellent dew also contains precious Chinese herbal ingredients, which have functions of refreshing, removing prickly heat and so on. It can be said that it is a multi-purpose thing.

The second category is "physical" weapons.

Mosquito net

It can not only avoid mosquitoes and wind, but also absorb falling dust and filter air.

Swatter Hit

A layer of power grid is formed on the network surface by electricity. After hitting the mosquito, the electric current passes through the mosquito's body and burns the mosquito to to death.

Mosquito killing lamp

Mosquito trap lamp is to use the phototaxis of mosquitoes and sensitivity to special wavelength to induce mosquitoes to contact the net surface and burn mosquitoes instantaneously through high voltage electricity. Mosquito traps are best placed above the knee and not more than 180 cm from the ground. When using mosquito trap lamp, other indoor light sources should be turned off to avoid affecting mosquito trapping effect. Adding water and vinegar to the mosquito trap box of the mosquito lamp is more effective.

II. Tips for Safe Mosquito Control

Bottle induction and mosquito control

Fill the empty bottle with 10 ml of sugar solution and shake it gently for a few times so that the inner wall of the bottle is adhered to the sugar solution and placed in the mosquito active place. Mosquitoes smell sugar and get stuck in the bottle. It can also coat the surface of containers such as glassware or ceramic tile jars with a layer of Qululing syrup evenly and put it in the dark. Mosquitoes will also be poisoned and died after feeding.

Artificial killing method

Mosquitoes like to stick to screen doors and windows before dark and after getting up in the morning. This opportunity can effectively kill mosquitoes.

Mosquito eradication

Align the vacuum cleaner to the place where mosquitoes gather easily, such as the bottom of the bed and the corner of the house, before going to bed every night. Vacuum can inhale most mosquitoes into the vacuum cleaner.

Soap water to kill mosquito eggs

Place a basin in the courtyard, in which soapy water made of soap and detergent can induce mosquitoes to lay eggs in the water. This alkaline environment is not suitable for mosquitoes to survive, so in the next few days, the basin will be covered with many dead young mosquito eggs.

3. Mosquito-repellent and mosquito-repellent methods

1. Frequent bathing can remove the taste of body surface secretions and reduce the possibility of being attacked by mosquitoes.

2. Vitamin B is metabolized by human body, and excretion from sweat produces a special odor, which can repel mosquitoes. Therefore, you can eat more brown rice, beans, dried fruits, hard nuts, peanuts, fruits, green vegetables, dairy, River food, seafood and other foods rich in vitamin B.

3. Wearing light-colored clothes such as yellow and white can reduce the probability of mosquito bites.

4. In view of mosquito phototaxis, high temperature, dark and humid environment and the habit of day and night, indoor lighting can be closed in the evening, doors and windows can be opened, mosquitoes fly outdoors, and then close the screen doors to avoid mosquitoes flying in.

5. Place several boxes of uncovered refreshing oil and wind oil essence in the bedroom. Grind camphor balls and sprinkle them in the corner of the house to repel mosquitoes.

6. Place one or two pots of mosquito repellent flowers.

7. Installing orange-red light bulbs indoors or using transparent orange-red cellophane to cover the bulbs can partially expel mosquitoes.

8. Burning dried tea leaves and orange peels can fumigate mosquitoes.

9. Apply proper amount of mint, perilla or tomato leaves and rub the juice onto the bare skin to prevent mosquito bites.

10. Hanging a handful of onions under the lamp or filling several onion segments in a yarn bag can help to repel mosquitoes.

4. Glorious List of Mosquito-repellent Flowers

1. Jasmine: Flowers are very fragrant. Keeping indoors in summer can keep mosquitoes away.

2. Nocturnal primrose: Petals open at night and close during the day. Its special fragrance has magical repellent effect.

3. Rhododendron: It has certain toxicity. Mosquitoes dare not approach.

4. Marigold: There is a strong odor, mosquitoes dare not approach it, is a special excellent natural insecticide.

5. Pyrethrum: Flowers contain pyrethroids, which can cause mosquito poisoning and death.

6. Mint: It has a special aroma, mosquitoes and insects.

Large Scanning of Mosquito Control Weapons
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