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How about the effect of ultrasonic mosquito repellent?
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Ultrasound mosquito repellent?"Comparisons of other mosquito control methods:Mosquito-repellent incensePyrethrin was added to mosquito incense tablets and evaporated into the air after being heated.

Ultrasound mosquito repellent? The effect is not obvious and there are hidden dangers.

At present, an ultrasonic mosquito repellent device using mosquito's auditory characteristics has appeared on the market. It is propaganda that "the mosquito's auditory system can be destroyed by producing specific frequency ultrasound". It sounds like such a "tall" mosquito repellent, of course, the price is not cheap.

Of course, there are also some relatively "civilian" versions of the software, the ultrasonic mosquito repellent software, which is said to be installed on mobile phones and emits annoying sounds through loudspeakers to keep mosquitoes out of the siege. However, the existing scientific experiments at home and abroad show that the use of ultrasonic mosquito repellent has no special effect. Dr Michael Rust, of the Insect Department at the University of California, Riverside, pointed out that ultrasound mosquito repellents did not cause any meaningful behaviour or physiological reactions to mosquitoes; after a rigorous review of ultrasound insecticide products by the Federal Trade Commission and the National Environmental Protection Agency, it was concluded that there was insufficient evidence. It is clear that this kind of product has repellent effect on pests or rodents.

Chen Chongxue, Director of Otolaryngology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University, also reminded us, "If mobile phone software is used to repel mosquitoes in sleep, the buzz will not only affect sleep, but also lead to tinnitus if it lasts for a long time."

In addition, experts said that laser mosquito killers should pay attention to safety when they are used, "it is likely to hurt people's eyes or other organisms by mistake, which is not worth it."

Comparisons of other mosquito control methods:

Mosquito-repellent incense

Pyrethrin was added to mosquito incense tablets and evaporated into the air after being heated. With the volatilization of smoke spreading into the indoor air, the purpose of paralysing mosquito nerves and causing them to fall to the ground or run away was achieved. Adding a few drops of Fengyou essence to the mosquito-repellent incense tablet can keep the effect up to 6-8 hours.

Advantages: the use of simple "rough", low technical content, low price, the use of new mosquito incense liquid for a long time;

Disadvantage: Smell may cause discomfort to human body. It is not recommended to use indoors for a long time and need to be replaced regularly.

Mosquito swatter

Metal mesh wire is made into badminton racket shape. By using the adsorption of high voltage electricity, instantaneous high voltage electricity is generated. When mosquitoes touch this layer of "lethal" metal mesh wire, a short circuit is formed and mosquitoes are killed by the action of electric current and arc.

Advantages: It can ensure the killing rate of mosquitoes;

Disadvantage: The scope of mosquito control is limited, and the effect time is short, once no longer used, mosquitoes will "roll back".

Mosquito Repellent

At present, mosquito repellent water has become the preferred weapon of mosquito prevention for most citizens. However, many citizens hate the strong odor, so they can choose to pound vitamin B into liquid spraying, which can achieve the same effect. However, for people with sensitive skin, it is better not to mix mosquito repellent water with sunscreen, otherwise it will reduce the effect of offsetting mosquito repellent, and may even produce chemical reactions.

Advantages: easy to carry, can be used at any time; has a certain effect and fresh smell;

Disadvantage: It is only effective for spraying parts, and the effective time is short; at the same time, it may contain amine and other components, which is easy to harm human body.

Mosquito killing lamp

The mosquito control lamp does not need any chemical mosquito control substance. It uses mosquito phototaxis, air flow, temperature sensitivity, and social preference, especially the habit of chasing carbon dioxide breath and seeking sex pheromone to achieve mosquito control effect. But while the device lets mosquitoes die, it also spreads mosquito debris and bacteria into the surrounding air.

Advantages: simple structure, no need for any chemical substances, relative environmental protection, high efficiency, can achieve a larger scale of mosquito killing effect.

Disadvantage: It is easy to diffuse pollutants, such as mosquito corpses or pathogens, into the surrounding air. When using, it should be avoided as far as possible near food.

Anti-mosquito silicone wristbands

The mosquito repellent substances such as lemon citronella, lavender, clove and other natural plant essential oils are added to the micro-fiber textile cloth to produce the mosquito-repellent odor and make the mosquito "retreat from difficulties". In general, however, such bracelets do not completely avoid mosquito bites. Although the added substance is more natural, it is not as harmless as the manufacturer claims. People with more sensitive physique should pay special attention to it before purchasing it.

Advantages: Low price, even ineffective, but also low cost;

Disadvantage: It has little effect and is easy to be damaged.

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